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Ask The Expert - Ice Safety

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

by Dr. Roman Hendrickson, MD

Q. I’m really worried about slipping on the ice when I go out. What can I do?

A. With the recent warm temperatures, snow and then the arctic blast, ice is a serious danger in Southwest Montana. There are some easy tips that can reduce your risk of slipping and falling. Allow extra time to get to your destination and take the time to get there safely. Don’t rush. Take small steps to keep your center of balance. Wear flat shoes with rubber soles. Be careful getting into and out of cars. Hold on to the vehicle for support and, when exiting, step down with BOTH feet. Step down, not out, from curbs. Focus on where you are going, look a few steps ahead and, if possible, avoid areas that haven’t been cleared of snow and ice. Put your cell phone away. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Scrape snow from your driveway and walking path before others can walk on it.

Please be careful out there!

Dr. Roman Hendrickson, MD
Dr. Roman Hendrickson, MD


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