Community Health Services Development Reports

In September, 2022, the Ruby Valley Medical Center participated in the Community Health Services Development Project administered by the Montana Office of Rural Health.  The Community Health Services Development (CHSD) project is a community health needs assessment process that helps Montana Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) engage members of their rural community to identify and measure the community’s health needs, recognize potential gaps in healthcare services, and develop specific strategies to prioritize and address the health needs that are identified during the process. Community involvement in steering committee meetings, surveys, and key informant interviews enhance engagement in the assessment process.  Resources from Montana State University are employed to collect and analyze the results of the surveys and key informant interviews and prepare the assessment.  The data and analysis is presented below in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). 

Ruby Valley Medical Center has organized an Implementation Planning Committee to evaluate the CHNA and design programs to address the healthcare needs, where appropriate, with goals and metrics to determine each program's effectiveness.  Execution of some of the programs will require involvement from community partners and may be constrained by resource and financial limitations.  The leadership of Ruby Valley Medical Center is committed to substantial, measurable improvement in healthcare for the residents of the Ruby Valley. The Implementation Plan can also be found below.    

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