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RVMC Rehabilitation Services
Jamy Kraii, MPT

Jamy Kraai, MPT

Kristen Tezak.png

Kristin Tezak, DPT

Jessie Kleinsasser.png

Jessi Kleinsasser, DPT

Juliana Bartoletti.png

Juliana Bartoletti, DPT

Physical Therapy

Expert customized treatment plans for

  • Rehabilitation after surgery or injury

  • Improved mobility & fall prevention

  • Pain management & alleviation

  • Cupping

  • Dry Needling

  • Soft tissue mobilization

rvmc physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

Supports the restoration of the skills needed daily living following injury, surgery, or debilitating events.

Dorothy Dehart, MOT
rvmc occupational therapy

Dorothy Dehart, MOT

Speech Therapy

Specializing in adult & geriatric speech therapy with an emphasis on communication & swallowing disorders.

Lawrence Grall.png
rvmc speech therapy

Lawrence Grall, MS/SLP-CCC

Please call 406-842-5453 to make an appointment with one of our rehabilitation therapists today!

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