Pain does not need to be a normal part of daily living. Ruby Valley Medical Center offers a variety of options for the treatment of moderate, acute and chronic pain.

Please call (406) 842-5453 to make an appointment with  Dr. Meyer, or Scott Rigdon. 

Non-Surgical Pain Management
Scott Rigdon, CRNA, provides non-surgical pain management for Ruby Valley Medical Center, Sheridan, Montana.

Non-Surgical Pain Management encompasses various treatments to alleviate acute and chronic pain. These treatments include:

Epidural Corticosteriod Injections which

reduce inflammation and expand nerve passages

Radio Frequency Ablation to heat up a pain producing nerve, thereby reducing the pain signals

Nerve Testing to identify the pain-causing nerve and facilitate the development of a pain treatment plan

Scott Rigdon, MPH, DNAP, CRNA, NSPM-C, provides non-surgical pain management treatments at the Ruby Valley Medical Center every other Friday. If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, talk with your healthcare provider about a non-surgical pain management program customized for your needs. 

Chiropractic Care
Dr. Meyer's chiropractic treatments at Ruby Valley Medical Center, Sheridan and Twin Bridges, Montana.

Chiropractic care is drug-free and focuses on the biomechanics of our bodies. It is a mechanical solution to a mechanical problem focusing on joints and the spine as well as the overall connection to the body's nervous system.


While chiropractic care is typically associated with the neck and back pain, it is also very effective in treating a much wider range of healthcare issues including migraines and headaches, repetitive injuries, sciatica, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulder discomfort or mobility issues, and injuries from falls, sports, and auto accidents. 

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Dr. Kathy Meyer, DC provides chiropractic care at the Twin Bridges Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday, and in Sheridan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Dr. Meyer has completed advanced studies in extremities. She combines manipulative techniques with a cold laser treatment to promote healing.