What is Transitional Care?  

After hospitalization due to surgery, injury or an acute illness, transitional care may be needed to achieve an optimal level of strength and to receive additional treatments or therapies prior to returning home.  

Ruby Valley Medical Center offers transitional care services which integrate regular healthcare provider appointments, skilled nursing, medication management, physical therapy, lab tests, radiology, and mental health services, as needed.  A personalized plan is designed for your goals to maximize your rehabilitation.  

Key Features
  • A personalized plan of care.

  • Bedside rounds that will address your goals, update your personalized plan, and explore your questions regarding current and post-transitional care coordination.  You are welcome to include family members and caregivers in these discussions. 

  • Around the clock, industry-leading nurse staffing with 2-3 times more available nurse hours per patient day than many other options.  

We work closely with your discharging acute care hospital to ensure a safe conversion to our Transitional Care Program

  • Better accommodations for visits from family and friends.  Individualized and entertaining activity programs are offered.  Your home is nearby and the neighborhood is familiar. 

  • On-site healthcare provider, physical rehabilitation therapy, radiology, laboratory, social worker and mental health teams facilitate your recovery and provide a strong support system. 

Our Team is especially equipped to meet the needs of even the most complex patients.

After Complex Surgery

Cardiac, neuro, orthopedic, abdominal and more

Wound Care

Special attention for wound healing

Post-Acute Care Solutions Developed by Mayo Clinic and Select Medical

Intravenous (I.V.) Antibiotics

To treat a variety of infections

Specialized Therapy Services

A full range of services including physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health, and social work. 

Ruby Valley Medical Center Transitional Care Team

Lyn Baughn, RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Maria Bartoletti, DMD, MPH

Roseanne Troyer

Ruby Valley Medical Center
Transitional Care
is supported with evidence based best practices through a partnership with Allevant Solutions developed by Mayo Clinic and Select Medical

Jeanette Prodgers, LCSW


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