How to See the Floor Plan Details

To investigate the floor plan details for the Ruby Valley Medical Center, please click on the floor plan graphic below.  It will open in a new browser window as a pdf file.  Click on the plus sign ("+") to zoom in to the image and use the scroll bars (bottom and right) to move around the page.  

We are very pleased with the plans for our new Medical Center as the facility allows us to provide more comprehensive healthcare services to the Ruby Valley community.  


The Ruby Valley Medical Center

321 Madison Street

P.O. Box 336

Sheridan, MT 59749

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Quick Phone Reference

Ruby Valley Medical Center - 842-5453

Fax - 842-5455

Ruby Valley Clinic - 842-5056

Twin Bridges Clinic - 684-5546

Physical Therapy - 842-5081

Madison County Public Health - 843-4295

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Twin Bridges Clinic

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The Ruby Valley Medical Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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