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rvmc covid 19 information
rvmc mask protocol for covid 19

If you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask inside the Ruby Valley Medical Center and the Twin Bridges Clinic for the safety of employees and patients.

Masks are available at both facilities for use in the facilities. We also have free N-95 masks you can take home. Just request at the front desk of either clinic.

If you are vaccinated and wish to wear a mask, we can provide one for you.

If you have any questions regarding the RVMC mask policy, please call 406-842-5453

The Center of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a mask that provides the most protection. Visit one of the CDC pages below for recommendations on the best mask type for you:

Current RVMC Mask Protocol

center for disease control

Self-Tests are available to take home in Sheridan at the Ruby Valley Medical Center and at the Twin Bridges Clinic. To report the results of your home test, click here.

You can also obtain free At-Home Tests
by calling 

(TTY 1-888-720-7489)
or visiting

For information about self-testing instructions and reporting from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, click here

Free Covid-19Self-Test 

rvmc covid 19 self test

Click here to visit the MT Department of Health and Human Services (MT DPHHS) to access the following:

  • CDC Isolation Guidelines

  • What to do if you Test Positive

  • Isolation Guidance & Calculator

  • Covid-19 Therapeutics Information

  • Report an At-Home Test Result

Tested Positive for Covid-19?

mt department of health and human services

Click here to visit the MT DPHHS to access the following:

  • CDC Quarantine Guidelines

  • What to do if you are a Close Contact

  • Local & Tribal Health Department Info.

  • Quarantine Calculator

  • and Many Other Resources

Exposed to Covid-19?

Covid-19 Vaccines

Vaccines for Covid-19 are safe, effective, and free. Click here to visit the Center for Disease Control and learn about:

rvmc covid 19 vaccines
montana health insurance helpline
Did you lose your health insurance due to Covid-19?

Explore your options at

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