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Every on-call medical provider at the Ruby Valley Medical Center has extensive training and experience in caring for trauma patients. In addition to their trauma training and experience, this team is very compassionate and practiced in effective communications in trauma situations.  When treating a trauma patient, the Ruby Valley Medical Center will provide initial evaluation, stabilization, diagnostic capabilities, and, if necessary, transfer to a higher level of care.  

Photos from a Teen Injury Prevention Event

Maintaining Superior Emergency Response

  • Emergency Scenarios - The emergency management team at the Ruby Valley Medical Center regularly evaluates emergency scenarios, reviewing in detail the issues that affect rapid care and patient communication.  The team identifies potential deficiencies and implements resolutions through training and procedure modifications.  

  • Training - Knowledge and experience engender confidence and will result in more effective and prompt decisions when time is critical.  The Ruby Valley Medical Center has many tools to conduct valuable on-site training, such as "Fred", the Medical Centers's training model.  (He's sensitive about the term "dummy").  Staff is also supported through off-site trauma training programs.  

  • Trauma Networks - The Ruby Valley Medical Center is part of a network of high level and specialized trauma care facilities throughout the northwest.  In addition to treating trauma patients, this network provides experiential information on trauma treatment which increases the effectiveness of the Medical Center's emergency response staff. 

  • Local Coordination & Reviews - The Ruby Valley Medical Center sponsors quarterly Trauma Committee Meetings that include the Ruby Valley Emergency Medical Services and all local groups involved in trauma to evaluate how the Hospital's trauma system is functioning.  These meetings provide an opportunity to review cases so improvement can be made.  

Ruby Valley Emergency Medical Services (RVEMS) delivers advanced life support services to the residents of the Ruby Valley.  With a full staff of paramedics and emergency care providers, Ruby Valley residents receive Emergency Room care as soon as the ambulance arrives. The team is “Cardiac Ready” and meets the Montana State guidelines to respond to cardiac emergencies.

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