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Ask the Expert - Prescription Refills

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

by Carly Moody, Pharmacist

Q. My prescription bottle says no refills, who do I contact to get more?

A. This is a very common question in the pharmacy, and I hope I can provide some good insight. Although it may seem like calling your doctor is the correct way to get a prescription, it is usually not the most efficient way. In most cases the best way to get new refills on a prescription is to call the pharmacy at 406-842-7434. The pharmacy can send the doctor a refill request through their computer system. Doctors and nurses are very busy each day and it is usually easier to have all their refill requests in their computer system rather than taking phone calls and having several voicemails to sift through. Another reason to call your pharmacy first is that you may have more refills on file from an updated prescription you are not aware of. Doctors usually request you give them around 24-72 hours to respond to refill requests, so it is important to always ask for refills before you are out of your medications.


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