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We don't all bounce back from injuries as fast as we'd like.  For the times when you need extra support, the therapy department at the Ruby Valley Medical Center is ready for you.  With over 50 years worth of experience between our physical therapists, we are able to provide Physical Therapy services for a variety of injuries and diseases, including:

  • Stroke and head injury;

  • Orthopedic conditions such as joint replacement, back injury, tendonitis and broken bones;

  • Overuse and sports injuries such as sore, stressed muscles and carpal tunnel syndrome;

  • Pain management.

We treat each client and injury individually with customized treatment that may include:

  • Modalities (heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation) for pain and edema control;

  • Manual therapy techniques for vertigo, soft tissue and joint mobilization;

  • Splinting, bracing and taping for support and healing;

  • Therapeutic exercise to increase strength, walking/balance, movement and endurance;

  • Home accessibility and adaptive equipment evaluation/training to increase safety.

Our goal is to encourage you to take control of your health and your future by regaining a maximum level of functioning at home, school, work and community. Rehabilitation isn't alway an easy journey, so we will help you take the first steps and we'll walk them together!

For an appointment, please call 842-5081