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Invitation to Bid

Ruby Valley Medical Center (RVMC) is accepting bids for purchase of the contents and building of the Wagon Wheel restaurant located at 207 North Main Street, Twin Bridges, MT 59754. 

Winning bids will be notified by email on Friday, December 1st. The property listed on winning bids must be removed and paid for by cash or cashier’s check by Friday, December 29, 2023. The building must be removed and paid for by cash or cashier's check by Wednesday, February 28, 2024. If a winning bid does not pay for and remove the property by the deadline, the bid will be cancelled.  

The Board of Trustees for Ruby Valley Medical Center reserves the right to refuse any bid. RVMC does not, in any way, obligate itself to accept the highest bid.  


The contents to be sold includes all kitchen equipment and smallwares, tables and chairs, fixtures, décor, and cabinets. The building includes only the walls, doors and framework.  

The following is small sampling of the inventory:

Commercial Grade Kitchen Equipment – Refrigerators, deep freezer, pizza oven, barbeque smoker, salamander broiler, deep fryers, heat lamps, kitchen storage cabinets, griddle, microwaves, cash registers, coffee makers, ovens.  


Fixtures – Kitchen and bathroom sinks, HVAC equipment, counters and cabinets, lights, toilets and urinals.  




Wagon wheels (6) 


Kitchen Cooking Equipment and Smallwares – Pots and pans, storage containers, utility shelves, prep table, cooking utensils, step stools, carts, utensil storage and organizers.  

Photos provided by Sheehan Works

*Items shown in the photos may not be available for bid. Please check the Inventory for a list of the contents available for bidding.

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