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When Thigh Pain is and isn't Sciatic Pain

Ask the Expert - Madisonian, April, 2023

Many people confuse different types of leg pain resulting in all of them being lumped into the term sciatic. Sciatic pain comes from the sciatic nerve which travels down the back of the leg.

When pinched, it can create posterior leg pain.

If the pain runs down the side of the leg it is often caused by a tug-of-war between the buttock muscles and strong IT band on the side of your thigh. Anterior (front) thigh symptoms can be coming from several nerves directly or nerves that innervate certain areas in your spine called facet joints. Either one can refer pain or tingling to the anterior thigh.

The important thing is to get a good work up to determine the source of your pain. A chiropractor can then adjust the spine and pelvis after determining which is contributing to those leg symptoms.

Are you struggling with thigh pain? Call 406-842-5453 to make an appointment with one of our Pain Alleviation Specialists today!

Dr. Kathy Meyer, Chiropractor

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