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Ruby Valley Medical Center Initiates Elder Liaison Project

The Ruby Valley Medical Center has initiated an Elder Liaison Project to support the senior members of the community during the winter months of the pandemic. Through the Elder Liaison Project, the Ruby Valley Medical Center (RVMC) is making daily calls to elderly Ruby Valley patients who are in isolation or quarantine. The purpose of the calls is to ensure that these patients have food, medication, home heat and other essentials. The RVMC staff is also confirming that the patient’s pets are well and have what they need.

In the event that a senior person needs assistance, RVMC will endeavor to meet their needs through community volunteer resources such as the food bank, the wood bank, or a call to the vet. Arrangements can also be made for grocery delivery and other services. “We may not get to every senior every day, but we’re going to try,” said Medical Director, Dr. Roman Hendrickson.

Another objective of the Elder Liaison Project is to provide phone companionship for our seniors. “We want our seniors to know that they aren’t alone and that someone is looking out for them,” said RVMC Revenue Cycle Director, Billie Jo Rowberry.

With the rise in local Covid-19 cases, many members of the Ruby Valley community have been exposed to the virus and must quarantine. Currently, the quarantine period is 14 days. The rise in cases also increases the risk of contracting Covid-19 in public areas. Whether in quarantine or isolation due to high immune-compromised risk, many in the community, particularly seniors, are forced to do without comforts or even necessities because they can’t leave home and don’t have the social resources for companionship or assistance.

“The Elder Liaison Project is one example of how we care for our patients,” said Dr. Hendrickson. “It’s more about meeting their healthcare needs.”


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