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Ruby Valley Medical Center buys Sheridan Pharmacy

By: John Emeigh, Feb 08, 2023, KXLF Channel 4 News

I’m in the Ruby Valley and looking for a pharmacy where I don’t have to go far. That’s right, I’m here at Mac’s Pharmacy here in Sheridan and they’ve been serving the Ruby Valley since 1967 and now that’s it’s taken over the by Ruby Valley Medical Center it’s going to be here a long time.

“We are so spoiled in this little community to have medical service, prescription. You have to go clear to Butte if you needed a prescription and that’s 50 miles. Woo!,” said Sheridan resident Shirley Overcast.

The Ruby Valley Medical Center bought Mac’s Pharmacy from the Southwest Community Medical Center in Butte. The pharmacy is the only one serving the small towns in this remote area.

“We also wanted to make sure there would always be a pharmacy available to residents within the Ruby Valley,” said Ruby Valley Medical Center CEO Landon Dybdal.

The hospital is keeping much of the pharmacy staff that has come to know the regular customers. “We know our patients when they come in and so that’s really important as well, you know, we know what they need, we know which doctor it needs to go to,” said Mac’s Pharmacy Manager Carly Moody.

Many residents in the Ruby Valley are elderly and grateful they don’t have to travel far. “I don’t drive and I have quite a few medications and I find it one of the many wonderful things Sheridan has locally for elderly people,” Sheridan resident Clare Leonard.

The pharmacy was started by Dewayne McAlear 55 years ago, before he retired in 2004. Some of his former employees still work at the pharmacy.

“He was a character, but he was a great guy, he did so much for the community and the area. He delivered, he did nursing homes, raised seven kids, ran the store,” said pharmacy staff member Carolyn Miotke.

And the store will continue running.


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