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Healthcare is a Local Affair

by Debra McNeill

Ruby Valley Medical Center is making healthcare a local affair by participating in the Montana Office of Rural Health’s Community Health Services Development process. This project is funded in part through the Montana Health Research and Education Foundation (MHRE F) Flex Grant. Through this process, a community steering group has been assembled local leaders organized with the task of identifying local healthcare needs and establishing health priorities. Community members in the service area have also received a survey in their mailbox. This survey, which was sent to a random sample of homes, will help the hospital identify the health services needed in the community. The purpose of the survey is to obtain information from a wide range of participants to assist in planning programs, services and identifying community health and wellness needs. If you have received this survey in your mailbox, your response will represent others in the community, so it is very important that you complete and return the survey by October 7, 2022. “Since Ruby Valley Medical Center opened in 2018, we’ve significantly expanded our healthcare services which helps keep our healthcare dollars in the Ruby Valley,” said Landon Dybdal, Chief Executive Officer. “Expanding our services not only provides greater convenience, it also has a positive impact on our local economy. Every community survey helps us evaluate how to improve our local healthcare services over the coming years.”

If you received a community Health Needs Assessment survey in the mail, your response is important to improving the health care needs of our community. Please respond to the survey by October 7, 2022. For more information, please contact the Montana Office of Rural Health at 406-994-6986.


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