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Join the 5000 Face Mask Challenge!

Very soon, all healthcare facilities including nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Ruby Valley and Southwest Montana will need large quantities of face masks. The Ruby Valley Medical Center is very grateful to all who have sewn, cut patterns, donated supplies and coordinated efforts for the face masks and gowns that we have received to date. We encourage you to continue your efforts and focus them on making face masks. You are invited to join the 5000 Mask Challenge! We recommend using this pattern It has a link to a YouTube instruction video. We like this mask because it’s washable, has a pinchable nose and is easy to make from basic home supplies. If you don’t have some of the supplies at home, this video might provide some inspiration for alternatives.

Elastic is preferred for the ear loops but if you don’t have elastic, fabric ties are fine. (The elastic from a split bungee cord can be substituted for sewing elastic! Also, elastic from fitted bed sheets can be reused.) Please use cotton or poly/cotton fabric. Sheets, pillow cases, or t-shirts can be used for fabric. Fabric, elastic, 6.5” twist ties, pipe cleaners and thread donations can be donated at Walter’s grocery (102 S. Main Street, Sheridan).

Please bring finished face masks to the Ruby Valley Medical Center between 8am and 5pm and leave them in the drop box just inside the main doors. If this is inconvenient for you, please send us a message via our Facebook page and we will help coordinate delivery arrangements.

Your efforts will help stop the spread of this devastating virus! Thank you!!

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