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Don’t Postpone Your Medical Needs Due to Covid-19

The Ruby Valley Medical Center urges patients who have chronic issues such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other health concerns to continue to see their healthcare providers. These conditions require ongoing evaluation to provide optimum healthcare outcomes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to pay attention to our existing health conditions, take all prescribed medications and see our primary care providers regularly. Patients whose medical issues are not well controlled are at the highest risk of contracting the coronavirus and will be most adversely affected by Covid-19. Social distancing does not mean that non-Covid health concerns have taken a vacation or have stabilized. Periodic evaluation is absolutely necessary, especially under these circumstances.

Ruby Valley Medical Center has designated the Twin Bridges clinic with Dr. Molly Biehl as a primary facility for patients seeking healthcare with non-respiratory issues. However, patients can make an appointment to see whichever healthcare provider they prefer. “We’re trying to keep the non-sick people in Twin Bridges. However you can see your regular provider wherever they are available,” said Dr. Roman Hendrickson, Medical Director for Ruby Valley Medical Center. “If you think you are sick, please call ahead so we can see you in the most appropriate setting, which may include your car or an isolation room.”

Ruby Valley Medical Center can arrange for healthcare visits from home via tele-medicine employing your smart phone or home computer. Certain evaluations will require a visit to Ruby Valley Medical Center or the Twin Bridges clinic for blood pressure or other tests. However, for some health conditions, tele-medicine may be a good option for meeting with your primary care provider. Please call (406) 842-5453 if you are interested in discussing how to set up a tele-medicine appointment.

Dr. Hendrickson and the healthcare providers at Ruby Valley Medical Center are concerned that with the focus on Covid-19, patients may not realize that their chronic healthcare conditions require attention. “That’s why we need to see these patients periodically. We discover problems before the patient knows that they have them,” said Hendrickson.

If you have a chronic healthcare condition and haven’t seen your healthcare provider recently, or you would like to discuss tele-medicine options, please call the Ruby Valley Medical Center at (406) 842-5453 for an appointment or consultation.

Ruby Valley Medical Center is actively evaluating their procedures to ensure that our community stays healthy and receives excellent healthcare. Please visit our Facebook page and website for news of any changes to procedures or updates related to the coronavirus.

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