Dr. Mick Lifson Returns to Ruby Valley Medical Clinic

February 22, 2019



Dr. Michael “Mick” Lifson is pleased to be returning to the Ruby Valley as a visiting specialist at the Ruby Valley Medical Clinic in Sheridan where he will see women referred for gynecological health care issues.  The Ruby Valley Medical Center is pleased that Dr. Lifson is be available to expand the breadth of health care services at the Clinic.  The current plan is for Dr. Lifson to see patients at the Clinic once a month. 


From 2010 to 2016, Dr. Lifson was a regular visiting specialist at the Sheridan Clinic of the Ruby Valley Hospital.  Unfortunately, as the Clinic’s practice expanded, examination and consultation space was not adequate for visiting specialists.  With the recent construction of the Ruby Valley Medical Center, visiting specialists have their own office and exams rooms adjacent to the Clinic. “It’s a pleasure coming back!” says Lifson. 


Presently, Dr. Lifson is a gynecologist at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, where he sees gynecology consultation patients and is lead physician for the surgery/anesthesia department.  As a member of the University of Washington’s Clinical Gynecology Department, Dr. Lifson also trains medical students and residents at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare.  “As part of their commitment to providing exceptional clinical quality, patient safety and service, Barrett & HealthCare is a teaching facility.  Medical students and residents rotate through Dillon and I train them in gynecology,” says Lifson.  He also spends two days a month seeing gynecology patients at Madison Valley Medical Center in Ennis.  A resident of Bozeman, Dr. Lifson is on the road extensively but he really enjoys supporting rural hospitals and providing specialist services.  Lifson exclaims, “The traveling gynecologist!”


Dr. Lifson recertifies his credentials annually with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology; however, he only provides care in gynecology.  Lifson explains, “In a lot of small rural towns, the family practice doctor also has OB training.  They’re FP/OB.  So when I go to Ennis, Sheridan and Dillon, I’m strictly a gynecolog