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Community Health Services Development Report

In 2011-2012, the Ruby Valley Hospital District, with the assistance and cooperation of The Montana Office of Rural Health, The National Rural Health Resource Center and Montana State University, conducted a survey and a focus group in order to obtain information about the community’s assessment and usage of health care services. The results of that survey can be reviewed here. Please keep in mind as you review the report that health care has changed significantly since 2011. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act did not begin until 2014 and there have been other developments in the industry.

The Ruby Valley Hospital’s Board of Trustees and administration have integrated many of the service and facility requests from the survey into the design of the new Ruby Valley Medical Center. The physical therapy facility has been expanded, we have obtained new hospital beds, there will be more parking space and we will have a new CT scanner. Electronic health record management will be available shortly after we move to the new facility. MRI and ultrasound services will be available on a regular basis at the Medical Center. The clinic has been designed to accommodate regular visits from healthcare specialists and we are in the process of contracting for general surgery, gynecology, podiatry and orthopaedic services from healthcare facilities in Southwest Montana. We hear you!

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