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Exercise Risks

While New Year’s resolutions to live healthier in the coming year are pretty common, seeing that spring is right around the corner is often a more effective motivator for starting that long overdue exercise plan. The winter belly is easier to disguise under a wool shirt than a t-shirt! The benefits of regular exercise have been flowing through the media for decades and it seems that every month there is a new, wonderful reason to start a regular exercise routine.

However, these benefits don’t come without some risks, especially for the novice athlete. Risks from indoor exercise include muscle strains, dehydration, heart attack, asthma aggravation and injury from the inappropriate use of exercise equipment. Outdoor exercise has an even greater list of risks including heatstroke, frostbite, dehydration, sunburn, heart attack, asthma attack, dog bites, insect bites, wild animal attacks (more prevalent in Montana), being hit by a car and ankle sprain.

Start smart by discussing your exercise plans with your healthcare provider and employ precautions against over-exertion injuries, the weather and our neighbors, both wild and domestic.

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