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Cycling or running related knee pain

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Once the weather warms up in Montana, we like to get outside for more exercise. Without proper warm up or stretching many are prone to overuse injuries. One such injury is Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITB).

Pain on the lateral (outside) of the knee that may “pop” occasionally is a symptom of ITB syndrome. This sometimes occurs because the IT band is very tight and the medial (inside) quadriceps are weak. This imbalance can lead to the IT band “grinding” over the lateral aspect of the distal (lower part) of the femur.

Prior to those big runs or cycling trips, lower extremity stretching and medial quad strengthening (google this term for videos of exercises) will help ensure a pain free summer of fun! If you start having lateral knee pain after or during activity you may have ITB syndrome. See your local provider if these symptoms arise as chronic knee pain may be debilitating. Usually, physical therapy, ice and NSAID’s will help get you back in the saddle again!

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