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The Ruby Valley Hospital Introduces New Lab Manager and Unveils New Lab Equipment

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The Ruby Valley Hospital is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Andrew Baughn, MLS(ASCP)MHA for the position of Laboratory Manager. He came on-board June 13, 2016 and is happy to be in the Ruby Valley. Baughn’s family will be joining him in July or August. Additionally, state-of-the-art equipment, a chemical analyzer and hematology analyzer, has been donated to the Hospital’s laboratory. The donation was funded by the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation supported by a $50,000 donation from the Treacy Foundation.

Baughn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position as Laboratory Manager. Starting his education with a B.S. in Biology, Baughn’s academic progress through the Medical Lab Scientist program plus a Masters in Health Administration is a testament to his dedication and passion for the scientific fields of biology and microbiology and how they relate to every field in medicine. Baughn takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge and has held teaching positions in zoology, microbiology and the laboratory areas of the clinical lab science program.

Originally from the Seattle area, Baughn completed his bachelor’s degree and laboratory certification programs at Idaho State University. After a brief time working in Seattle, Baughn and his young family moved to the Boise area where he held positions at St. Alphonsus Healthcare’s trauma center and the V.A. Hospital. In addition to his laboratory skills, Baughn brings a background in “informatics” which applies computer driven efficiencies and database applications in the medical field. This will be particularly helpful to the Ruby Valley Hospital as the digital medical records systems are developed in the coming years.

Andrew's wife, Lyn, has just completed her associate's degree in nursing and, after the state board exams, she will be a registered nurse. She plans to continue her studies to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing and achieve her goal of earning a Nurse Practitioner Doctorate. Andrew and Lyn have three children. Andrew and Lyn’s daughter, Madison, will be a senior in high school and she has been a dual-school student, taking college courses along with her high school studies. Michael, 14, will begin high school in the fall. Their youngest son, Ryan, is 10.

Outdoor activities rank high in the Baughn family priorities. “This is paradise!” says an excited Andrew. The family enjoys boating, waterskiing, snowmobiling, hiking and camping. The Baughns are also delighted to be near family in Idaho Falls and Andrew’s parents who live in Florence.

Ruby Valley Hospital is pleased to have found the perfect fit for Laboratory Manager as plans to build the new hospital facility proceed and services are expanded to meet the increasing needs of the community. “Andrew is a fantastic addition to our team. We look forward to benefiting from his talent and expertise,” says CFO, Dennis Holschbach. “We believe his family will be a great asset not only to our hospital, but to our community as well.” Andrew is enthusiastic about the transition to a smaller, critical access hospital. “What I like about small facilities is that they demand accountability.”

Reflecting on the new laboratory equipment, Baughn feels that, “The more we can do in-house, the better.” The new hematology analyzer machine does CBC (complete blood count) of red and white blood cells, and platelets. The new equipment gives a 5-part differential, providing information for specific cell types to more easily ascertain specific conditions. The improved differential gives the healthcare providers better information for making diagnoses in a shorter time frame because the tests are done locally. “The hospital will realize cost-containment, faster turn-around times, and often same day results for doctors and patients.

The Chemistry Analyzer is a “fantastic machine” according to Baughn. “It's like the difference between driving an old Studebaker or a brand new vehicle with all the latest technologies”. Not having to procure outdated supplies and parts is a huge cost-savings. The capabilities far exceed those of the previous analyzer. “It's much more accurate, precise, reliable, and very efficient.”

The board of trustees, administration, healthcare providers and staff of the Ruby Valley Hospital are very grateful to the donors and volunteers who support the Ruby Valley Healthcare Foundation. The donation of this laboratory equipment will be a life-saving asset to our community.

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