The Ruby Valley Hospital was built in 1964 to meet the community's needs for a local healthcare facility.  Prior to 1964, the hospital services were provided from a home on Mill Street in Sheridan.  As the century turned, the Ruby Valley Hospital's Board of Trustees determined that major improvements to the existing hospital facility were needed to meet the community's future healthcare needs.  Research to determine how  to upgrade the existing facility revealed that it would be much cheaper to build a new medical center than to rehabilitate the current hospital.  Years of planning went into the design of the Ruby Valley Medical Center with the objective of providing a healthcare facility that would be in compliance with current regulations, could grow with future healthcare technologies and meet the budgetary constraints of a small rural economy.  

This auto-play slideshow showcases some of the improvements provided by our new Ruby Valley Medical Center.  To scroll through the images at your own pace, please double-click on any of the slideshow images.  

The Ruby Valley Medical Center

321 Madison Street

P.O. Box 336

Sheridan, MT 59749

(406) 842-5453


Twin Bridges Clinic

104 S. Madison Street

Twin Bridges, MT 59754

(406) 684-5546

Quick Phone Reference

Ruby Valley Medical Center - 842-5453

Fax - 842-5455

Ruby Valley Clinic - 842-5056

Twin Bridges Clinic - 684-5546

Physical Therapy - 842-5081

Madison County Public Health - 843-4295

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The Ruby Valley Medical Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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