Ruby Valley Emergency Medical Services (RVEMS) delivers advanced life support services to the residents of the Ruby Valley.  With a full staff of paramedics and emergency care providers, Ruby Valley residents receive Emergency Room care as soon as the ambulance arrives.  Early care results in better patient outcomes.  Early care is also more cost effective and reduces reliance on air ambulances to transport patients to specialized treatment centers. 


The RVEMS team has one vehicle staffed 24/7.    Whenever a team is called to respond to an emergency, a second unit is coordinated for backup.  RVEMS currently has three vehicles including a back-country, rough terrain unit.


The team is “Cardiac Ready” and meets the Montana State guidelines to respond to cardiac emergencies. Our paramedics and emergency care providers are in training to be “Pediatric Ready”.  This is not a designation typically earned by rural ambulance services and the RVEMS team is eager to be fully trained to respond to the emergencies of our younger residents. 


Over the summer of 2017, the Ruby Valley Ambulance service collaborated with the Ruby Valley Hospital to transition from a volunteer Basic Life Support (BLS) service to a combination of paid Advanced Life Support (ALS) and volunteer services.  The transition has been very successful with RVEMS covering all Ruby Valley emergency calls and patient transfers, plus providing patient transfers from Madison Valley Medical Center in Ennis and Barrett Hospital in Dillon when requested.  Providing Advanced Life Support services has reduced the number of helicopter transports.  

Community Healthcare News

Katherine Tetrault, PA-C, Medical Director for RVEMS, is monitoring Community Paramedicine legislation and hopes to pilot a program for the State for Fill In Home Health Gaps.  “At present, there is no good process for following up on patient discharges to mitigate readmissions,” says Tetrault.  The pilot program would employ the RVEMS to monitor discharged patients for a variety of potentially serious medical issues. 

Ruby Valley EMS Emergency Tips and Planning
  • Make it easy for us to find you!  We can get to you faster if we have an address and good directions.

  • When you build, make sure your property is accessible to emergency vehicles.

  • In a medical emergency, take 5 seconds and think it through.  Think twice before you move an injured person.

  • If it's bleeding, stop it. 

  • Be prepared for all weather situations.  Sunny, 75 degree weather can quickly become sub-freezing, windy and wet.  You may be out in the elements longer than planned if you or someone in your party is injured.  Packing the water-proof tarp and sub-zero sleeping bag will make a big difference on a cold night and it could save your life!

  • Hunting season caution - be very careful about carbon monoxide poisoning in your tent.