Our Mission

The Ruby Valley Medical Center is committed to fulfilling the healthcare needs of our community with quality and compassion in a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment.  

Our Vision

The Ruby Valley Medical Center will continuously strive to be the community's first choice for health care.

Our Values

In all our relationships, we will exhibit -

 I ntegrity - Honesty in all that we do
C ompassion - Empathy and understanding of the needs of others
A ccountability - Responsibility for all our actions and decisions
R espect - Appreciation and consideration of others
E xcellence - Commitment to being the best

The Ruby Valley Medical Center

321 Madison Street

P.O. Box 336

Sheridan, MT 59749

(406) 842-5453

Twin Bridges Clinic

104 S. Madison Street

Twin Bridges, MT 59754

(406) 684-5546

Quick Phone Reference

Ruby Valley Medical Center - 842-5453

Fax - 842-5455

Ruby Valley Clinic - 842-5056

Twin Bridges Clinic - 684-5546

Physical Therapy - 842-5081

Madison County Public Health - 843-4295


The Ruby Valley Medical Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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