Technology services at a rural hospital encompasses a broad spectrum of needs ranging from servers, security of the network, software and anything to do with the numerous computers that are used in a variety of capacities from billing to lab analyses to CT scans and telemedicine.  Shane Overturf is responsible for the all information technology services of the Ruby Valley Medical  Center.  In addition, Shane is facilitating the transfer to the Electronic Health Records system which will greatly improve the efficiency of patient records management.  

Shane Overturf, 

Information Technology


Debra McNeill manages a variety of business communications projects for the Ruby Valley Medical Center including the website, advertising, press releases and miscellaneous printed materials.  She is also responsible for graphic design and photography services.  

Debra McNeill

Business Communications Coordinator

The Ruby Valley Medical Center

321 Madison Street

P.O. Box 336

Sheridan, MT 59749

(406) 842-5453


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