Please use this webform for add names and addresses to the Grand Opening invitation list.  Due to time constraints, we didn't include post-entry editing controls but this should still be a simple process.  Please be sure to read the instructions shown on this page as you make your entries.  After you submit your entry, you will be taken to a page with a list of all the entries.  You can click the button "Add an invitation" to make another entry. 


If you need to edit or delete an entry, please send your changes to (Debra McNeill).  She'll make the necessary changes.  Thank you for your help!  

ADDRESSEE - Please enter how the letter and envelope should address the recipient.  E.g., Ms. Rowling or

Dr. & Mrs. Hooper.  

Organization - Is the invitee associated with a business or healthcare organization.  We would like to know this information.  

Is this a special guest?  Please check with John Semingson before checking this box.  These invitations require extraordinary handling. 

Your Name - We really need to know your name so we can contact you if there is a question about the invitee.  If you're entering multiple invitees, your first or last name should be sufficient.  

This is a special guest