The staff in the Billing & Financial Services office can assist you with information about your bill, submitting your insurance claim, and resources to help with the cost of your healthcare.  If you have questions about your bill or your health insurance reimbursement, please call us at (406) 842-5453 and ask for the Billing Office.  We offer a sliding scale fee option*, payment arrangements and accept credit card payments.

The Ruby Valley Medical Center understands that medical bills typically aren't expected.  Please contact us early to ensure timely submission of your insurance claim and to make payment arrangements.  You will receive a 10% discount on the balance owing if your account is paid in full within 30 days of the service.  If you are unable to pay your account in full, listed below is our fee payment schedule.  If you are financially unable to make payment according to our fee schedule, it is your responsibility to contact our business office as soon as possible to make other financial arrangements.

Outstanding Charges

Up to $75.00

$76.00 to $300.00

$301.00 to $500.00

$501.00 to $1000.00

$1001.00 to $1500.00

$1501.00 to $2000.00

$2000.00 or above

Minimum Monthly Payment

Payment in full

$50.00 per month

$75.00 per month

$100.00 per month

$150.00 per month

$200.00 per month

Paid in 12 months

Healthcare Expense Assistance Programs

Health Montana Kids - Offers free or low-cost health coverage for children and teenagers up to age 19. 

Ruby Valley Medical Center Assistance Program - This program is for individuals who feel they may need assistance to fulfill their financial obligation to the Ruby Valley Medical Center.  Please complete this form and contact the Billing Office (842-5453) to apply for this program.

Please remember to bring your driver's license and insurance card to your appointment

Billie Jo Rowberry

Director of Revenue Cycle

Erin Rossiter

Business Office Manager

Lisa Guinnane

Medical Records Intake


Christine Stender

Medical Records Intake

Rose Gideon

Coding Specialist


Mimi Allhands

Medical Biller/Coder


Courtney Wood

Health Information Management